IBC Cube Roads O&M Solutions in Powered by ibccube.ai and Fieldmobi

IBC Cube Roads Operation & Maintenance Solutions is designed specifically for Indian Roads. Its focus is to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and maintaining road infrastructure, from tracking defects to document management. The platform is designed to increase efficiency by streamlining processes and providing remote visibility.

Digital Twin Creation as a Service

We help map every element from the road onto the IBC Cube platform, including GIS-based project, chainage and asset information.
Our services include:

  1. Upload of existing project, chainage and asset information

  2. Mobile-based physical chainage capture with location and images across various points on LHS, RHS and Median at each chainage marker

  3. Mobile-based physical asset capture with location and images

  4. Vehicle Camera-based Asset Capture using AI/ML for object detection with detailed video footage of the road by location on a map

AI/ML Vehicle Camera-based Inspection as a Service

We conduct road inspections using car-mounted Vehicle Cameras to capture footage across roads and highways and detect defects such as potholes, cracks and rutting using our specialized AI/ML model. Each inspection comes with video footage of the road in detail that can be viewed by location along a map and records of each defect captured. In addition, we can also interface with third-party drone footage and run the AI/ML model on it.

Mobile-based Maintenance Tracking with Defect Reporting and Resolution

Defects detected through inspections or reported by on-site personnel using our mobile app can be assigned to the relevant contractor to rectify the issue. They can then share a work completion update using the app post which, a physical verification can be conducted using the app as well. Ageing and overdue data and Schedule-based reports can also be viewed and exported for management and compliance.

Specialised Document Management for Roads

Our Document Management Solution is specifically designed to manage the correspondences, contracts and other documents that are required for Indian Roads. It can be integrated with your email and comes with OCR to convert images to text, making them searchable and classifying them accordingly.

Addon Operations Solutions

Some of the other solutions we provide for Road Operations include: