Specialised Document Management for Roads

IBC Cube Operation & Maintenance Solutions provides an all-encompassing Document Management System specifically designed for the efficient management of road maintenance contracts, plans, and correspondences. The platform's advanced features, such as email integration and OCR content transcription, simplify correspondence tracking, while date and keyword-based searches enhance information accessibility. The system also features version management with detailed revision information, as well as automatic detection of date, document number, subject, and reference number from attached emails. To ensure document security, the system offers visibility and access control, as well as color-coded alerts for user-friendly identification.

IBC Cube Device

  • Projectwise Document Management for various formats with a predefined workflow (hierarchy) maintained in the system

  • Email Integration and OCR content transcription

  • Response tracking and overdue alerts

  • Exclusion list for automatic rejection of junk mails

  • Comments against each document

  • Date and keyword based search option

  • Version Management with Date, Time, Comments, Revision No., Prepared By, Revised By, Submitted By, Approved By, etc.

  • Automatic Date, Document Number, Subject and Reference Number detection from Emails attached letters

  • Visibility and access control

  • Excel report download

  • External User (Partner) Visibility and Control

  • Colour coded alerts

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