Smart Devices (Surveillance)

IBC Cube's surveillance solution provides remote site and vehicle monitoring using plug and play smart cameras. It requires no additional infrastructure and features GPS tracking for moving vehicles and outdoor sites, solar power and 4G options for remote locations and edge processing for machine learning models. The system also offers GIS-based map view, TV media view, video zoom and area navigation, and multi-account login with visibility and access control. The Smart Device-based Site and Vehicle Surveillance and Management system allows for smart camera surveillance, vehicle information management, daily and detailed trip-wise vehicle activity reports, and machine learning and analysis.

IBC Cube Device

  • View footage on a web-based platform on any web browser

  • Plug and Play with no additional infrastructure required

  • GPS Tracking for Moving Vehicles and Outdoor Sites

  • Solar-powered and 4G Option for very remote locations

  • HDMI Output to connect to Digital DIsplays

  • Edge Processing to train, test, validate and deploy Machine Learning Models remotely using live site data

  • GIS-based map view to monitor footage from moving vehicles/equipment or site locations

  • Site Details and Information Storage and Search

  • TV Media View to monitor live footage across various sites

  • Video zoom and area navigation

  • Multi-account login with visibility and access control

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