End-to-end solutions with all the devices, apps and software you need

Built on a comprehensive and flexible framework

Complete IBC Cube Industry 4.0 Framework

A comprehensive Command Centre with an Integrated Dashboard

IBC Cube Integrated Dashboard

Managers of various levels can monitor and manage all their business resources remotely and in real-time on a single cloud-based integrated dashboard. The dashboard allows you to toggle between various views.

Map View
Dashboard with Map

Get a complete view of where all your resources are located on a GIS Map-based Dashboard.

List View
Dashboard with list

View all your resources at one glance in list form. Search for all the data you need and export it to Excel.

Media View
Dashboard with Media View

View the videos and images being collected from various sites and resources on a single screen.

Graphical View & Analytics
Dashboard with analytics

Look at various metrics in graphical view and analyse how your resources are performing.

Self-service Customisation

Create customised forms and reports specifically built to fit your business needs.

Data Edit Functions
Dashboard with Data Edit

Make changes to data that has been captured from various sites and resources.

IBC Cube Mobile App
Self-configuring Mobile App

The app is designed to show only the elements that are directly relevant to a particular user, reducing clutter and making it so easy to use that anyone can use it, regardless of educational background or technological proficiency

- Configures itself for the person using it
- No menu screens
- No clutter
- Minimal pages
- Useful for both the user and the manager

IBC Cube IoT Devices

IBC Cube Device

IBC Cube IoT Devices with proprietary firmware are designed to be easily configured with a range of input sensors and network options, along with customised edge processing & intelligence, GPS, image, audio & video capture, external device control, display control, etc.

IBC Cube IoT Devices have a range of connectivity options including 4G, WiFi, GPRS, LAN, Bluetooth, BLE and Serial.

Media Input Devices
Smart Outdoor Camera
Smart Camera with Solar attachment

Monitor how your operations are progressing from various angles and locations.

Capture Image and Video Data, generate Daily, Weekly and Monthly Progress Reports and Time-lapse Videos

Also available with solar and 4G connectivity for very remote locations

Smart Indoor Camera
Smart Camera for indoors

Monitor your warehouses and offices, keep expensive materials safe and ensure that safety protocols are met.

The camera transfers the image and video in real-time to your dashboard which can be accessed anytime so you don't have to worry about surveillance footage being lost or damaged.

Smart Vehicle and Equipment Camera
Smart Camera for Vehicles

Attach cameras to various vehicles or moving equipment to ensure passenger safety and to monitor progress at the various sites where they are being used.

Comes with GPS so you can view images and videos at various locations on a map.

Mobile Media Reporting
Mobile reporting using images and video footage

Get supervisors and workers who are on-site to capture images and videos of various aspects of the project.

With the IBC Cube Mobile App, supervisors can easily share footage of specific areas you'd like to view.

Digital Display Devices
Integrated Digital Display
Screen with integrated IoT device

Set up these completely encased digital displays to manage the content playing across various locations. They are tamper-proof, easy to set up and come with optional 4G, GPS and BLE connectivity.

HDMI-connected Device
Display device with HDMI connectivity

Connect to screens or display systems of various types and sizes using HDMI. Manage the content playing and get reports. They come with optional 4G, GPS and BLE connectivity and a smart camera.

IoT Sensor Devices
IoT Devices with Various Sensor Attachments
IoT sensor device for load, moisture, humidy, air quality, temperature, etc

IBC Cube IoT Sensor Devices come with various attachments that collect a vast range of sensor-based environment and equipment data including
- Temperature
- Pressure
- Load
- Light Intensity
- Smoke and Air Quality
- Humidity
- Soil Moisture

BLE Beacons, RFID, Barcodes and QR Codes
BLE Beacon

IBC Cube provides a range of tagging options that make it possible to easily keep track of various assets.

They can be connected with other devices to increase functionality.

The tags IBC Cube offers include:

- BLE Beacon
- Barcodes
- QR Codes

Tracking Devices
GPS Devices for various types of Vehicles
GPS Tracking Device

IBC Cube GPS Devices are available for a range of vehicles and can easily be attached to vehicles of all kinds of sizes.

The devices offered include:

- Heavy Duty GPS Device which is designed for trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles

- Light GPS Device which is designed for cars, bikes and other passenger vehicles

- OBD GPS Device which connects to the vehicle's OBD system and can collect data from the vehicle

No Code Customisation Platform
No Code Customisation

The IBC Cube No Code Application Development Platform makes it possible to quickly and easily tailor the solution to fit your specific business needs. We even provide certain self-service tools if you'd like to make the changes yourself.

Mobile Customisation

The IBC Cube Mobile App can be customised to all kinds of forms and other input options you need

Specialised IoT Devices

Various IoT specialised devices can be configured to connect your specific resources

Customised Data Files

Customise Data Files as per the report formats your business already uses

External Database Integrations

Integrate with other databases and applications so you can view it on a single dashboard

Tailor-made Dashboards

Make alterations to the dashboard design to best suit your business needs

Personalised Reports and Analytics

Get printable and downloadable reports based on the metrics you need with customisable charts and analytics

IoT-Big Data-Machine learning Platform

IBC Cube uses an integrated platform to connect, consolidate and process business data from across sources, identify events and exceptions, and automatically generate valuable business information through AI and Machine Learning. Key components of the IoT-Big Data-Machine Learning Platform are:

Dashboard with Map

IoT Data Receiver

Receive business data automatically from various IoT devices

User Data Access

Connect data and media collected by field workforce and system users

External Data Interface

Connect external data sources and upload data files

Big Data Processor

Process data from across sources in real-time to generate summaries and alerts

Data Storage and Retrieval

Store and access business data and information quickly, easily and reliably

AI/Machine Learning

Custom machine learning with image/video ML, real-time cloud ML, edge ML options