Live Monitoring and Data Collection

Equipment Monitoring

Manufacturing machinery

Ensure your equipment and generators are being used efficiently

project and infrastructure equipment
Projects and Infrastructure

Make sure that the right equipment is at the right place at all times


Optimise your equipment usage and streamline operations

Integrated Dashboard

  • Map-based Equipment Monitoring with Image Dashboard
  • On-board Video Footage and Image Monitoring Dashboard
  • Energy and Equipment Utilisation and Analysis Dashboard
Application Features

  • Continuous Equipment Runtime Tracking with History
  • Remote Live Surveillance and Alert
  • Fuel Monitoring with Consumption and Top-up Computation
  • Option for GPS Tracking for Movable Equipment with History
  • Multi-parameter History search with Time & Period
  • Equipment and Service Information with Images & Documents
  • Locations, Work Area, Service Area and Schedule Maintenance
Reports and Analysis

  • Equipment Runtime Report - Summary and Detail
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Equipment Utilisation Report
  • Fuel Top-up and Consumption Report
  • Graphical Analysis of Runtime, Shifts & ML Data
Alerts and Notifications

  • Alerts for Stoppage, Start, Overload, Geofence, etc.
  • Low Fuel, Top-up and High Consumption Alerts
Device Options

  • IoT Sensor Device with Option for Fuel and GPS Tracking
  • Equipment Camera with IoT Sensor Pack and Option for GPS Tracking
AI/ML and Customisations

  • Customised Option for Edge/server-based ML Processing
  • Interface for Image/Video Files for 3rd Party ML Processing
  • Integrate Production Data with Option to Interface with Equipment PLC & Alarms