Live Monitoring and Data Collection

Asset Monitoring

Factories and Warehouses
Factories and Warehouses

Keep track of assets entering and exiting various parts of your sites

Camera surveillance
Surveillance and Security

Combine the Asset Monitoring Application with Site Monitoring to be able to track assets through sites

Integrated Dashboard

  • Map-based Asset Tracking with Image Dashboard
  • Asset Movement and Analysis Dashboard
Application Features

  • Mobile-based Asset Movement and Service Information Capture
  • Asset Location Tracking and Movement with History
  • Asset Information with Images & Documents
  • Asset Movement and Service Information and Update Status
  • Locations, Storage and Logistics Area Maintenance
Reports and Analysis

  • Asset Status, Movement and Activity Report
  • Graphical Analysis of Asset Movement and Service Report
Alerts and Notifications

  • Asset Movement and Arrival Alert
Device Options

  • Asset Tracking and Movement Mobile App with Bar Code and QR Code Options
  • BLE Beacon Tracking IoT Device
  • RFID IoT Device
AI/ML and Customisations

  • Logistics/POS Data Integration with Option to Interface RFID/Bar Code Reader
  • Added on to Site, Vehicle or Equipment Monitoring to Provide Additional Asset Data