Live Monitoring and Data Collection

Environment Monitoring

showrooms and retail
Showrooms and Retail Stores

Give your customers the best possible experience by making sure that your stores are always well-lit, at an optimum temperature, etc.

agricultural land
Agriculture and Produce

Monitor Soil Moisture, Sunlight and other environmental conditions to ensure the best quality harvest

transport and storage
Transport and Storage

Make sure transport and storage conditions are optimised to prevent wastage of perishable goods

Integrated Dashboard

  • Map-based Environment Monitoring with Image Dashboard (Add-on to other applications)
  • Environment Parameter Monitoring and Analysis Dashboard (Add-ons to other applications)
Application Features

  • Live Temperature, Light, Air Quality, Moisture, etc. Monitoring with History
  • Multi-parameter History search with Time & Period
  • Environment Information with Images & Documents
  • Reference Locations, Desired Parameters and Usage Maintenance
Reports and Analysis

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sensor Value Report
  • Graphical Analysis of Sensor Value Movement
Alerts and Notifications

  • High, Low and Change Sensor Value Alerts
Device Options

  • IoT Sensor Device with Various Sensor Attachments
AI/ML and Customisations

  • Added on to Site, Vehicle or Equipment Monitoring to Provide Additional Sensor Data