IBC Cube Smart Camera and IoT Solutions

IBC Cube Smart Devices and IoT Solutions makes it possible to remotely monitor and manange resources spread across various distributed locations on the web-based central monitoring dashboard. The combination of our proprietary smart cameras and IoT devices with machine learning and edge processing capabilities and powerful central monitoring software make the solutions truly valuable when it comes to improving visibility and improving operations.
Our devices have been used across a wide range of industries from retail to infrastructure management.
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Centralised Cloud Surveillance Solutions

IBC Cube Centralised Cloud Surveillance Solutions gives users access to live feed from multiple site locations on a single screen accessible from any mobile/desktop browser.

Indoor Camera
Road Assets
Outdoor Camera
Industrial Camera
Central Monitoring Dashboard

  • Plug and Play with no additional infrastructure required
  • Direct-to-cloud with on-device storage in case of network issues
  • GPS Tracking for Moving Vehicles and Outdoor Sites
  • Solar-powered and 4G Option for very remote locations
  • In-built BLE Beacon Sensor
  • HDMI Output to connect to Digital Displays
  • Edge Processing to train, test, validate and deploy Machine Learning Models remotely using live site data
  • Designed, Developed and Made in India with parts from India and UK

IoT and Intergrations

IBC Cube IoT Devices with proprietary firmware are designed to be easily configured with a range of input sensors and network options, along with customised edge processing & intelligence, GPS, image, audio & video capture, external device control, display control, etc.

IoT Devices

IBC Cube IoT Devices come with various attachments that collect a vast range of sensor-based environment and equipment data including Temperature, Pressure, Load, Light Intensity, Smoke and Air Quality, Humidity, Soil Moisture, etc.

Road Assets
Display Devices

IBC Cube Display Devices connect to screens or display systems of various types and sizes using HDMI and can be used to remotely manage and change the content playing across various distributed locations and get runtime reports.

BLE Beacons

IBC Cube Smart Cameras and IoT Devices come with BLE Sensors that can be used to detect assets in the area by tagging them with BLE Beacons.

Mobile BLE

IBC Cube Smart Cameras and IoT Devices come with BLE Sensors that can be used to detect individuals in the through BLE on their mobile phones.

Computer Vision Solutions

Using IBC Cube Smart Cameras, not only can machine learning models be trained on real footage from production environments and deloyed on edge but false negatives can also be identified as the footage is available on the same platform.

In Context Model Development

Using IBC Cube Smart Cameras, ML models can be trained, tested and refined on data from production environments.

Road Assets
Edge ML

Edge ML Models can be deployed to large-scale rollouts centrally using IBC Cube Smart Cameras

Specialised Cameras

IBC Cube also provides a set of Specialised Cameras designed for specific uses such as road inspections, helmet and body cams and dashcams. It also has an integrated display and camera that can capture footage and manage displays using the same device.

Road Inspection Camera
Road Assets
Real-time Dashboard Camera
Road Assets
Helment/Body Camera
Road Assets
Integrated Display and Camera