Live Monitoring

Who the IBC Cube Live Monitoring Solutions Are For

IBC Cube Live Monitoring Solutions are designed for business leaders looking to manage various types of distributed resources such as sites, vehicles and equipment remotely. Access can be controlled so relevant information can be shared with various departments within the organisation or external partners and customers. Summarised reports and analysis can be shared with the management so they can get a snapshot of performance across resources and regions.

Projects and Infrastructure
Projects and Infrastructure
Transport and Logistics
Factories and Production
Factories and Production

Outdoor Monitoring Products and Solutions
  • Location Information Management with Geo-fencing
  • Location Information
  • Keep all your location information on a single platform with geo-fencing, images, details and custom information fields
  • Remote Surveillance with 4G and Solar
  • IBC Cube Smart Outdoor Camera
  • Remotely view footage from various remote locations such as agricultural land, project sites, etc. on a single dashboard with IBC Cube's plug and play (No Additional Infrastructure required) Smart Outdoor Cameras with 4G and Solar Options
  • Remote Progress Monitoring
  • Progress Report
  • Monitor the progress and generate downloadable daily, weekly and monthly progress reports of remote projects from anywhere
  • Gate Camera with Vehicle Count and Number Plate Recognition
  • Vehicle Count
  • Collect, manage and analyse vehicle traffic data and vehicle number plate information using IBC Smart Cameras with Machine Learning
  • Mobile-based Inspection and Incident Reporting with Location Markings
  • Inspection App
  • Inspect areas with location capture as well as report and resolve incidents at a specific location with the IBC Cube App with custom forms
  • IoT Sensor-based Environment Monitoring
  • IoT Sensor
  • Collect and analyse environmental data such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light intensity, etc.
Remote Site Monitoring Products and Solutions
  • Site Information Management
  • Map of Sites
  • Manage all your site information on a single platform remotely including location details, point of contact, status, etc.
  • Remote Surveillance of Industrial Sites
  • Smart Industrial Camera
  • IBC Cube Media Dashboard
  • Remotely view footage from various factories and warehouses on a single dashboard using IBC Cube Smart Industrial Cameras
  • Site Surveillance & Footfall Analysis
  • Smart Indoor Camera
  • IBC Cube Image-based Status Reports
  • Footfall Analysis
  • Remotely view footage from various offices and outlets on a single dashboard as well as collect, monitor and analyse footfall data
  • Mobile-based Site Inspection
  • Inspection App
  • Inspect sites with custom forms that allow inspectors to collect images, audio, video and location data as well as raise issues and rate against set metrics
  • Incident Reporting & Resolution
  • Inspection App
  • Raise incidents from inspections or from store managers using the IBC Cube Mobile App and manage them until they are resolved
Vehicle Monitoring Products and Solutions
  • Vehicle Information Management
  • Vehicle Information Panel
  • Manage all your vehicle information remotely on a single integrated dashboard including vehicle registration information, maintenance details, driver info, etc.
  • Device-based Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Monitor vehicle movement, get alerts such as overspeeding, stoppage, etc. and generate movement reports instantly
  • Smart Camera-based On-board Surveillance
  • Driver in Truck
  • Vehicle Tracking with Image at Location
  • View footage from on-board vehicles using IBC Cube Smart Cameras with inbuilt GPS tracking so you can click along a route to see what happened
  • Driver App
  • Driver App
  • Assign drivers to vehicles, get transport activity updates such as fuel top-up, delivery pickups, etc.
Equipment Monitoring Products and Solutions
  • IoT-based Run-time Monitoring
  • Installed IBC Cube IoT device
  • Connect the IBC Cube IoT Device to any equipment with Serial, Analog or Digital output to collect data such as runtime information
  • IoT Sensor-based Monitoring of Fuel Levels, Vibrations, etc.
  • IoT Sensor
  • Collect and analyse sensor-based data such from equipment such as vibration and fuel levels
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Equipment Info
  • Manage all your equipment information including maintenance details. Update issues and maintenance work using the IBC Cube Mobile App.
  • Smart Camera-based On-board Surveillance and Object Count
  • Video from smart camera
  • View footage from on-board equipment using IBC Cube Smart Cameras and collect object count data using Machine Learning
  • Production Tracking
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Report on equipment usage and output using the IBC Cube Mobile App
Asset Monitoring Products and Solutions
  • Mobile-based Asset Management Using Barcodes and QR Codes
  • QR Code Scanning with mobile
  • Make sure you know exactly where your assets are and update any movement between locations using Barcodes/QR codes and the IBC Cube Mobile
  • BLE Beacon-based Asset Management
  • BLE Beacon Tag
  • Make sure you know exactly where your assets are at all times using BLE Beacons and Sensors to detect assets in the area
People Monitoring Products and Solutions
  • Mobile-based Attendance Monitoring
  • Start day Mobile App
  • The IBC Cube Mobile App asks users to capture a photo of themselves on Start Day and automatically captures location to ensure proxy-free attendance with reports
  • BLE Beacon-based Attendance Monitoring
  • Attendance Report
  • Track attendance using BLE Beacons provided to employees with no need for any action
  • Smart Camera-based Attendance Monitoring using Face Recognition
  • Attendance Listing
  • Track attendance using facial recognition using IBC Cube Smart Cameras
  • Mobile GPS Tracking
  • People Tracking on Map
  • Track movement of personnel during work hours (starts with Start Day and ends at End Day)