Easy to Use Fully-Customizable IoT-Big Data-Mobile-Cloud-based Solution with Machine Learning

Smart Device

Smart IoT Devices can be seamlessly connected with the Technology Solutions using GPRS, 3G or LAN to implement the
IoT platform and capture various data and information automatically from the remote resources.

IBC3 Devices or other Customer Specific Devices can be used to provide the following:

Sensor based operation control and safety data and alarms

GPS based location tracking and movement data

Beacon / RFID based access and asset monitoring data

Remote video and content display

Image and video based remote surveillance

Smart Phone Mobile App

Smartphone based Mobile Apps enables Mobile Users to Manage, Update and Report on various field data.
The Mobile data, location and media is integrated with the Technology Solutions to manage various cloud applications.

IBC3 Mobile Apps or other Customer Apps can be used to provide the following:

GPS and network location tracking.

Template based data capture and report.

Image, video and voice capture and report.

Alert and Work Activity with status update.

Beacon and barcode capture and movement.

IoT-Big Data Platform

Configurable Interface to Connect the Cloud System to Smart Devices and Phones,
Track Locations, Consolidate Data, Control Events and Exceptions.

Key features supported by the IoT-Big Data Platform are:

Multiple Sources of Data are Consolidated in the same Platform

GIS map based Dashboard with Multiple Resource Monitoring

Real Time Location and Status update with Search and Filter

Retrieve and View Resource Detail and Historical Data

Access and Control of Remote Objects

Colour coded Alerts and Notifications

Business Application Development

Configurable Platform to Develop Business Applications with GIS based User Interface,
Select and Search, Query and Edit Screens, Media, Documents, Alerts and Reports

Features supported by the Business Application Development Component are:

Plot the GIS Locations and Maintain Key Information about various Business Locations

Maintain Information for Vehicles, Equipments, People and Assets

Design and Develop GIS based Create, Edit and Query Screens

Media - Image, Video & Voice Upload and Maintenance

Document Management and Activity Information Management

Create Search and Selection option with Queries and Reports

Business Community Implementation

Configurable Rule based Platform to Setup Business Community with Workflow and Visibility
to Develop Collaborative Business Processes across the Organizations Structure.

Features supported by the Business Community Development Component are:

Set up Organization Structure with Departments, Sections and Regions

Set up Access and Visibility as per the Organization Structure

Set up Work flow and Resource Activities across the Business Community

Work Status and Activity Updates with Images and Documents

Report on Resource KPIs, Income & Expenses and Consumables

Manage Community wise Exceptions and trigger alerts and notifications