Centrally Monitor all your Field and Contracted Workforce

Maintain Field Workforce Leave and Attendance Remotely

Record and Monitor Time and Expense from the Field

Assign Leads, Capture and Maintain Sales Activities of Field Salesforce

Assign Service Request and Capture Service Activities of Service Personnel

Capture and Analyse Field and Market Data and Media Information

Assign Project Activities and Capture Status Updates from Project Personnel

Maintain Customer and Vendor Information Centrally

Upload and Share Business Documents and Media Content

Track Asset and Product Information and Movement with Images

Generate and Monitor Billing and Receipt Information

Maintain GST Information and Track Input GST credits

Record Income, Expense, Receipt, Payment and other Field Accounting Data

Analyse and Track various Operational Performance Indicators

Monitor Sensor and Alarm data to Track Equipment & Site Condition

Monitor Equipment Runtime, Load, Fuel Level and Energy Utilization

Monitor Remote Site Image for safety and security

Assign and Update Maintenance and Service Activities

Display Advertisement, Video and Site Specific Information on Remote LCD

Control Site Access through RFID / Beacon Tag Identification

Implement mobile based Monitoring, Incident Reporting and Resolution System

Centrally Track Transport Vehicles to Improve Utilization

Capture and Attach Images and Documents to view them Remotely

Schedule and Monitor Route Progress to ensure Timely Arrival and Delivery

Monitor Vehicle/Storage Conditions to Minimize Perishable Cargo Wastage

Assign Delivery Request and Update Delivery Status

Track and Monitor Cargo Status and Movement

Capture Road Condition, Fuel Top-Up and Transport Activities

Implement Integrated Resource Monitoring Dashboards

Customize the Solution to Capture the Required Data

Implement Mobile based Document and Information System

Implement IoT-Big Data based Resource Monitoring System

Implement User Specific Operational Systems

Implement Machine Learning Capabilities